Tourism in Spain: Arribes del Duero in Salamanca

18 Jul Tourism in Spain: Arribes del Duero in Salamanca

Cathedral of Salamanca, Castilla y Leon, SpainLos Arribes Del Duero are located at the east of Salamanca and they are a treasure in themselves due to the wealth offered to tourists. The dam on the Douro in the Arribes provides a unique setting, full of flora and fauna, with vineyards and beaches of sweet waters. The lovers of Nature can enjoy tourism in Spain, and in special in the Arribes Del Duero in Salamanca.

Arribes Del Duero, enological tourism of first category

The Arribes Del Duero are a perfect area for growing vineyards and its wines are delicious. The designation of origin “Arribes” has been created for these red and white wines, and there is a common cellar where you can taste them in Aldeadávila de la Ribera.

If you want to enjoy the gastronomy, try the “potaje”, similar to the “cocido madrileño.  The goat meat is the most popular among all, although the beef raised in these lands is welcomed among tourists. The most popular desserts are the repelaos, perunillas, piñonates and the wafers, typical dessert in Salamanca. If you want to take a gastronomic souvenir, buy the hornazo in Vitigudino

The Arribes del Duero Natural Park.

The fauna of the Arribes is rich in species, and it is possible to know it because there is free access in much of the Natural Park, with prior knowledge of basic rules to respect these natural environments. Visitors will know various species of this wonderful land, so do not hesitate to get into this marvelous natural park.

Boat Tours on the Douro

The rural accommodation in the Arribes is cheap, and it usually includes breakfast and activities. If you are looking for outdoor activities, there is nothing like a boat tour on the dam of the Arribes Del Duero. These tours are available in summer only, and the duration is about two hours. Visitors will enjoy the good weather and a superior landscape.

One of the most popular sites is a path, the “pozo de los humos”, a dream location near Aldeadávila de la Ribera. It is a waterfall that is accessed behind the same.