Tips for traveling to India

08 Aug Tips for traveling to India

Nepal, La India - Travelgenio - Viajes y destinosIndia has always been a travel dreamed by occidental travelers, a country where spirituality and exotism is mixed with adventure. Nowadays, India offers many touristic attractions to visit some of its cities and some of the most charming spaces, from Bombai to New Delhi.

If you are thinking about a trip to this country, you may take into account this tips to enjoy your vacation time.

1. A different life rythm: India is a complex country with many social structures that are difficult to assum for Europeans. As long as you get used to this differences, you will start enjoying the trip

2. Needed documents: a visa is needed to travel to India. Make at least two copies to take with you while you keep the original in the hotel. You will need three photos for the visa and it will be ok for a year.

3. Health insurance: as the medical infrastructures are not the best, we recommend you to contract a health insurance that covers any eventuality. Apart, take with you a first aid kit.

4.  Transport: when you land in any of the Indian airports, it is important not to say it is your first time in the country. If you want to try a rickshaw you must negociate the price before to avoid problems. The best way to travel in India is by renting a car with a driver, as prices for this service are cheap and you will also have a guide.

5. Gastronomy: we recommend you not to abuse of the indian gastronomy because they use many spices. You will be able to eat international food in your hotel.

6. Some traditions: the cow is a sacred animal, that’s why you may have some respect including not eating this type of meat. It is also traditional to have tea, but be careful where as in many places the health conditions are not the best. You will be able to talk with anyone in English.

7. Other tips: it is recommended to drink bottled water and you must dribble on every purchase. But the most important tip is to enjoy your stay.