The safest airlines in the world

25 Jul The safest airlines in the world

Huelga Controladores - Derechos de los pasajeros - TravelgenioAirline Ratings has the results of the ten safest Airlines in the world.

This web page is in charge of safety monitoring and other aspects in the international airlines. Its goal is to know the safest airlines in the world – and the least safe – to offer potential passengers a reliable guide for their travels. The supervision of over 400 airlines in the world in 2013 revealed surprising results. Asia is leading due to major airlines such as Emirates.

Air Ratings: List of the safest airlines in the world

Aeroméxico is the only American on the list of the safest airlines, and it ranks the eleventh place. The first on the safest list is the Australian Qantas Airlines, which also ranks among the top fifteen positions in services. The absence of accidents since half of the twentieth century makes it the safest of all the airlines for Air Ratings.

Air New Zealand ranks the second place in security. Emirates Airlines is the most awarded in recent years. It has been awarded for the best catering on board, the best service, quality staff and routes.

Asia, a leader in airline security

The United Arab Emirates does not stop in its path towards excellence. Eithad is also among the top ten, specifically in the fourth. There is no European equivalent. Having such important airlines like Lufthansa, the question is what happens among European airlines. It may not be the international market and yes instead travels within European boundaries. Sol Finnair is among the safest at European level.

There are other airlines such as Qatar Airways that are also included in this group, as they are aimed at an audience with high purchasing power, in the same way than Emirates.

These studies provide referrals to travelers as to the companies to consider depending on the requirements they prefer to attend. So we will find numerous guarantees that our trip stands out for the safety and benefits on board. Qatar Airways provides business-class passengers many benefits besides safety: 180º reclining seats, TV and menu.