The most beautiful Brazilian beaches

04 Dec The most beautiful Brazilian beaches

Playas y destinos - TravelgenioBrazil has 4,600 miles of coastline, all adjacent to the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. With so many dazzling beaches, you are sure to find your spot in the sand when visiting Brazil.

Brazil’s beaches are quite diverse, with beaches for families, partygoers, surfers, secluded beaches, crowded beaches, and even beaches for the naturalist available for a multitude of tastes. All of the beaches in Brazil are public access beaches, which means that if you can find a beach in Brazil, you are guaranteed to be able to enjoy it, know matter where it is!

There is of course the famous beach of Copacabana, known for its party atmosphere and the famous beach sport known as foot volleyball. While this beach is unarguably one of Brazil’s most crowded, a visit to Brazil without seeing this famous beach just wouldn’t be complete.

Ipanema Beach, located in Rio de Janeiro, is known as a more “family friendly” beach, and is a bit less crowded than some of the others. This beach is popular due to the fact that it is in close proximity to many hotels and resorts, as well as many fine dining establishments.

Jericoacoara, while a bit out of the way and not the easiest beach to access, is well worth the trip, as it affords the visitor a view of the most beautiful sunsets in all of Brazil. This particular beach is always very clean, and offers golden colored sand. Unless you arrive quite early in the day, expect the beach to be overcrowded by windsurfers and backpackers.

Costa Verde, which translates to “Green Coast”, is a serene beach, and one of the most untouched by commercialism in Brazil. It offers golden sandy beaches and a glimpse of the rainforest fauna that has overgrown to encroach upon the beach dunes. Not too far from this beach is King’s Cove beach, which offers a nice family atmosphere and many fine resorts nearby.

Santos Beach is unique in that it features a beach garden that spans an astounding four miles. This is a quieter beach, and can be enjoyed by families as well as nature lovers who come specifically for the beach garden.

Pipa Beach, located in Natal, is where you can witness dolphins at play in the blue green waters of the Atlantic. Pipa Beach is also famous for its’ wild buggy rides over the sandy dunes. While this beach can tend to be a bit crowded, arriving early in the day will assure you get a good spot on the sand, and allow you to see the dolphins.

Genipabu Beach is famous for its lagoons and dunes, as well as the swaying coconut tress and sparkling white sand. This beach is located in Rio Grande do Norte, as are several other beaches such as Ponta Negra beach, Pititinga beach, and Jacuma beach. All of these beaches feature very warm water, and native vegetation can be seen growing freely on many of them.