The Best Destinations in 2015

02 Jan The Best Destinations in 2015

viajes - upitravelEven now, it is worth thinking about vacation destinations for 2015 and to possibly start making preliminary plans. Because booking early usually offers the greatest possible savings. We want to exclude most of the large and well-known tourist destinations at this point and present a few very special travel destinations for 2015 that might not be the first to spring to mind, or that you might not be aware of yet. Here, you will have the opportunity to be well prepared for the next year and pick the best ones out that you like best.

1. Belgrade in Serbia is one of the most underrated travel destinations in Europe and it is amazing in summer. The tourism industry is still in its infancy phase and is growing, which means that prices are still relatively low. Belgrade is still one of the least expensive cites to visit in Europe. Most large European airports have direct flights to Belgrade. Belgrade is an incredibly important historical city with a long and colorful past. It is still possible to explore and admire the legacies and remnants in the city.
If you are looking for the best accommodations in Belgrade with a unique style would feel right at home at Square Nine Hotel Belgrade (5 Stars) or also at Boutique Hotel Townhouse 27; both located in the city center.

2. Nicaragua is one of the hot spot destinations of 2015. In recent years, tourism has beautifully developed there and there are a variety of international-grade hotels for travelers to stay in and enjoy the luxury. The country remains one of the world’s cheapest travel destinations. Depending on the time of year, a weeklong stay in the best hotel in the country will only set you back around 700€. Local attractions include the
Archipelago Solentiname which consists of 36 smaller islands situated in Lake Nicaragua. On the largest island, Zapatera, there is the small Eco Hotel Zapatera which invites you to stay and relax.

3. Madagascar: The second largest island country in the world is surely an unusual destination that deserves a spot on our list. Madagascar is a tropical natural paradise with incredible features. Here you can find primeval forests, steppes, deserts, mountains, plateaus and 5000 km of coastline with mangrove forests and palm beaches and pretty much every microclimate you can imagine. Additionally, there are over 50 different national parks; some of whom belong to the UNSESCO World Heritage List. In the capital, Antananarivo you will travel back in time to a colonial age. It reminds many of the colonial power of the French. In the city you can look at the Royal Palace which is surrounded by the terraced historic center. The highlands that surround the city are perfect for exploring. For safety reasons though, you should always have a guide while out in nature. Hotels in Antananarivo are world class and well suited for all international visitors. If you plan to stopover and fly out the next day, it is possible to spend the evening at a hotel near the airport and have wonderful day tour before your next flight departs.

4. Cuba in recent years has rejoiced in its increased popularity with travelers from all over the world. The country is currently undergoing a controlled recovery and travelers can move freely and virtually unhindered within the country nowadays. You will be able to see the drastic changes for yourself that the country is experiencing and see a much more modernized Cuba. But in cities like Havana and Santiago de Cuba, you can still find the typical Cuban flair that instantly enchants every visitor that steps onto its shores. There are more and more stylish and beautiful boutique hotels in Old Havana popping up that make you feel immediately feel right at home.