Major airlines to fly to Russia

28 Nov Major airlines to fly to Russia

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioRussia is nowadays a country which cities have a huge touristic infrastructure prepaired and that are growing constantly because of the excellent services they have and the enormous offer they reach in cultural, leisure and accomodation plans. All of these, added to the rich tradition and their unique characteristics, make Russia a destination to take into account.

Its attractive sovietic heritage and the patromonial charming places the cities have, made capitals like St. Petersburg or Moscow, destinations that are claims by themselves.
Places like the Kremlin or the Red Square, with the architecture and buildings from the barroquian age to the contemporanian one with examples like the Trinity Monastry, St. Sergio or the St. Basil Church are important tourist hotspots declared World Heritage by the UNESCO.

Airlines to fly to Russia

Today there are many airlines that operate with major Russian cities. Some of these companies are Lufthansa, British Airways, Air Europa, Air France, airberlin, Finnair, Czech Airlines, KLM, Emirates, Alitalia, TAP, Brussels Airlines and Tunisair.

Moscow has five important commercial airports: the Sheremetievo International Airport, the International Domodedvo, the Bykovo, the Ostáfievo and the International Vnúkovo Airport.

But it is the International Domodédovo the most important one in the country if we talk about passengers as it is the main entrance door for long distance flights. It is located about 34 km from the city center.