Germany and England, the kings of low cost flights in Spain

04 Jul Germany and England, the kings of low cost flights in Spain

Huelga Controladores - Derechos de los pasajeros - TravelgenioThese countries are the best if you are looking for low cost and it is shown in their many leading airlines. According to data revealed by IET, low cost airlines increased 4,6% over the previous year.

As for the traditional airlines, they lost the 0,8% of  the total passengers. This suggests that the 35.000.000 people who have traveled in low cost this past year will keep the same line. As stated by the IET (Institute of Tourism Studies) more than half the travelers chose a low cost airline in 2013. This is good news for Germany and England, the kings of  low cost flights.

Low cost Airlines in Germany and England

Ryanair is number one in terms of prices proposal during the last year. It accounts for a high percentage of the total volume of flights between Spain and other Spanish or European cities. Together with Easyjet it controls between the 40% and 50% of global flights in Spain. The Catalan Vueling Airlines also stands out.

However, the British Easyjet Airlines decreased the number of travelers last year due to the reduction of flights to the Canary Islands from Madrid.
British and German travelers in low cost

The low cost airlines noted for their high income gains in the year 2013, mainly due to British and German travelers, who account for 35% and 19% respectively of total passengers in the past year.

Nevertheless, Madrid Barajas Airport lost almost the 16% of low cost flights last year, due to less Easyjet routes and the mass media criticism suffered by Ryanair, among other reasons.