Five reasons to visit Costa Blanca in October

03 Oct Five reasons to visit Costa Blanca in October

Costa Azahar - TravelgenioCosta Blanca waits for you, even in October, why? The pleasant weather will make your fall vacations be as perfect as in summer. In fact, we will be able to find a wide range of options that will allow us to find great services for the best possible benefits. Without any doubts, we will find the best possible features for all type of travelers.

Costa Blanca is at your reach during October

1. Alicante maintains a pleasant weather even in late October. The peaceful cities of Dénia, Torrevieja, Guardamar, Santa Pola, Denia or Alicante are good places to visit all year long, especially for those looking for tranquility. We recommend Torrevieja for its prices, they are pretty economical.

2. You will find high quality tourism in Torrevieja, thanks to be able to visit the old town, Fox’s Creek, and its multiple beaches. Torrevieja is pretty busy during October even when the temperatures are lower. That is why we offer this place as an alternative option.

3. It is accessible via public transport. Thanks to the Alicante terminal we will be able to access it in two and a half hour from Madrid and a little more of four hours from Zaragoza. Traveling by bus takes longer (but the prices are even more economical) but there are access points even from Cantabria, Basque Country or Asturias. The Alicante International Airport offer us flights at low cost but of high quality from Barcelona or Bilbao.

4. We will be able to find a wide range of interesting services thanks to the possibility of finding hotels around Costa Blanca with everything included during October at interesting prices. Also, it is important to note the variety of leisure activities in Alicante. Some of the places we can visit are the Canelobre Caves or the vineyards. Two more options are the Aquapark and the Aquarium of Alicante. Those who can afford it can also consider traveling by cruise to Ibiza from the seaport of Alicante. This last is one of the most interesting options we will be able to find in our trip.

5. An exceptional gastronomy is one other feature of Alicante. In addition to the well-known paella, the seafood and meat are some of the best delights we can find here. You cannot miss the nougat, which is one of the delicacies of the region altogether with the Alicante Salad. The mullet or toña is one of the most interesting contributions to the gastronomy of this Valencian region.