Cuba: flights to the Caribean country to get to La Habana

19 Sep Cuba: flights to the Caribean country to get to La Habana

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioCuba is always a touristic country where you can enjoy the Caribbean flavour. Cities like its capital, La Habana, have situated Cuba as one of the favourite countries for European tourists that want to enjoy their beaches, people, gastronomy and its huge cultural and leisure outdoors offers.

There are many flights from the main European capitals and you can also take advantage and contract one of the different and excellent cruises to sail the Caribbean.

Flights to La Habana

You have many options from the major cities of Europe, where you will find direct flights to the International José Martí Airport, which is the main airport of this country and has marvellous infrastructures and communication with the rest of cities and interesting Cuban places where you can find cheap accomodation with all the necessary services to enjoy the Caribbean waters and the exceptional humour of the Cuban happy people and the music, which are the attractions of this area of the world.

The main airlines with direct flights to La Habana are KLM, Air France, Aeroflot, the low costs Condor or Cubana.

La Habana offers visitors the best way to travel to other touristic centers by bus, with good transport insfrastructures (bus, omnibus, subway…). It also offers a good leisure and cultural offer to enjoy outdoor activities to taste the way of life of Caribbean countries, with a funny night leisure with clubs where music and dance are non stop and where you will find many alternatives. You will also find many patrimonial and historical colonialist arquitecture in a monumental city with jewels like the famous bay and also importants art and history museums.