City Breaks: short trips to Europe

20 Jun City Breaks: short trips to Europe

Venecia - TravelgenioThe low cost movement has generated the possibility of finding an incentive for many travelers, as it is not the classic short trip by train or car to a place near home.

The option of traveling to London for less than 10 euros or Paris for 15 euros make that a lot of people are choosing an international destination when traveling for the weekend. This and the offers in the web sites when looking for the hotel are the tourism motors nowadays.

5 favorite cities for a City Break

1. Tangier: It is an economic city. You just need the passport to enjoy a wonderful time there. There are cheap hotels like the Chellah with different accommodation categories between the two and three stars. Flights are cheap, with rates from 15 euros in Ryanair. It is usual that romantic city breaks are promoted in Tangier.

2. Venice: It is the city of the channels and the mascaraed. Venice is accessible from Barcelona with Vueling Airlines, from rates of 29 euros. This makes it an affordable destination, although prices are high in the city. There are hotels in the zone of Mestre, just half an hour by bus from Venice. It is a dream to travel to Venice for a long weekend and accommodate in the Giovannina hotel.

 3. Paris: Paris has a total cost of 50 euros for the round trip from the Spanish cities, if we include the low rates of the flight, the cost from the Beauvais airport to Paris. Then we must pay for the accommodation. There are hostels with cheap rooms for two or three people.  The Montclair hostel is an example. The Friends hostel is the cheapest.

4. Prague: The city of Prague proposes a midpoint between Paris and Venice. The Easyjet flights are cheap from Barcelona. There are options from Madrid and Alicante with Wizzair.

5. Dublin: This Irish city is a good choice; it’s full of bars, parks and a lot of culture. Ryanair offers flights from various Spanish cities. The bed&breakfast is recommended as accommodation.