Advices to travel to the Toscana

01 Aug Advices to travel to the Toscana

Turismo Enológico - TravelgenioThe Toscana is one of the most touristic and visited places in Italy because of its beauty and its history and art offer.

Famous and beautiful cities, like Florencia, Pisa, Siena, Livorno, Lucca , give the visitor all the necessary to enjoy a lively vacation.

Here you are some advices for your trip

1. The first important thing is to make a good trip planning to enjoy time in nature and visit the places full of art and history in the Toscana. Make a list of priorities to visit towns, villages, the beautiful nature corners.
Besides Florencia and Siena, visit San Gimignano, Lucca, Pisa, Cortona, the Chianti region – with its excellent wines – Montepulciano, Montalcino, Montecatini Termes, Pienza and the north Toscana beaches.

2. The Toscana gastronomy and its wines are highly recommended. Enjoy every day in this land. The first thing to do is to go for a walk around local markets and buy some products like olive oil, wine, bread, cheeses, vegetables and the best pasta in the world at very good prices. Coop supermarkets are a wonderful alternative for you to taste the Toscana products.

Choose among a wide range of restaurants with the best quality dishes. Inform yourself of the prices first.

It is essential to taste the excellent Chianti, the typical Toscana wine. Get some bottles home to surprise your friends.

3. Talking about means of transport in the Toscana, we recommend you to rent a car if you are going to spend some days in a town  like Florencia or Siena, and drive to the different villages around.  Rent the car before travelling if you want to spend time and money.

4. Be sure of having good lotions to prevent insects if you are travelling in the Spring or Summer to la Toscana, as well as pills to prevent allergies if you suffer from hay fever, because the nature is exuberant during these seasons.

5. One of the best things to enjoy la Toscana is to rent a rural house near Florencia. There are hundreds of high quality standard establishments in the area. Go to restaurants, you will be surprised of the attention and products of the Toscana rich gastronomy. Taste Chianti wines.

As you see, The Toscana is the perfect plan to go with your friends and have a good holiday time.