A Guide to visit Petra today

21 Nov A Guide to visit Petra today

TravelPetra gained fame since the movie Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade from Steven Spielberg, where Harrison Ford and Sean Connery were after the Holy Grail, was filmed there. The temple was chosen as part of the scenery in the movie, and since then many travelers each year enjoy the wide range of interesting services for each type of traveler. In the same way, we will also enjoy the magic of the city of Petra, which has become one of the most famous tourism spots in every way.

Essential tips for a great trip to Petra

Petra is a city that should be known as something more than a city from a film. Petra is an incredible city. We recommend you to take a full day to explore the city, more if possible. Petra open its doors to the public from 6 in the morning. In the interior we will find horseback riding, donkey rides, and camel rides. Also, we can obtain maps, brochures, and a tourist guide.

You can stay at the city of Wadi Musa near Petra, where the hotels are cheaper than the ones located near Petra.
Petra is one the 7 New World Wonders.

The gorge of Siq is worth a photograph, which is as famous as Petra and it’s a wonder on itself. If this isn’t enough, you can complement the visit to Petra with a visit to other cities of Jordan.

In contrast to common believe, Jordan is a safe place for tourists.

You require a visa to travel to Jordan which cost 20 euros approximately (the current is the dinar, which is equivalent.) We recommend you to make the currency exchange at the hotel, for it is cheaper.

Jordan isn’t as cheap as other countries, but is cheaper than traveling through Spain.

If you want to stay in a hotel, in Jordan the organized trips are similar to individual trips.

Most part of the population speaks English.

Don’t forget to see the Nabatean tombs and hike through the Siq, which is an interesting activity. To enter Petra you have to pay a fee of 60 euros which unfortunately isn’t negotiable… but it is worth it. The price includes the possibility of visiting the city in a donkey.
To the night owls, there is a possibility of visiting Petra during the night
Visiting the Dead Sea.

If you are visiting Jordan, the Dead Sea is a great choice to start enjoying all the magical places of this country. Today, after visiting Petra is possible to have some days off – especially during the summer – where we can enjoy the best conditions and opportunities in our trips.