A different getaway: 5 hotels of art and music

14 Nov A different getaway: 5 hotels of art and music

Berlin - TravelgenioFor all those travelers who are tired of staying in the traditional hotels where they just rest, we recommend 5 hotels with art and music offers perfect for a different experience. They are located in different countries of the world and will make your getaway a special trip with different sensations.

1- Hotel Hilton Athens (Atens)
In the Hilton Athens, guests will feel like they were in the Olimpo. The most surprising thing of this luxury hotel is the Galaxy Restaurant, a marvellous fashion place in the Greek capital where you can drink a coctail while you watch the silhouette of the Acropolis.
The Hilton also offers a cultural weekend for only 250 €, that include 2 nights, wonderful breakfast, the access to the Hilton Spa and double tickets for the entrance in six of the capital museums.
The Hilton will make your trip success in one of the major European capitals with low prices, a huge cultural and leisure offer fully of traditions and emblematic places you cannot forget to visit.

2- Hotel Art Factory (Buenos Aires)
In the Argentinan capital and located in the San Telmo neighbourhood, you will find this marvellous hotel that, also works as art gallery, with grafitis all over the walls. It is a perfect place for young travelers with low budgets that will be able to share room for less than 15 euros or book their own room for less than 45€, with bathroom and all comfortabilities for a short stay in one of the most beautiful capitals of the continent.

3- Hotel Il Salvatiano (Florence)
In the Tuscan, in the beautiful city of Florence, you will find this wonderful hotel that is one of those places that make visitors fall in love and keep a marvellous memory of their stay. It is an exclusive resort where the Allegrini family has known how to combine the luxury and tradition of this beautiful Tuscan villa from the 15th century. The rooms are full of comfortabilities and the service is perfect, becoming a perfect hotel for couples looking for quality.

4- Hotel de Rome (Berlin)
The German capital has this marvellous stablishment to offer visitors the most fashion face of Berlin. Only for 280 € you can enjoy a double room with breakfast and a personal shopper that will take you to an unforgettable tour through the most exclusive shops of the city, where you will finally get to Louis Vuitton, where they will offer you champagne.
The German capital is one of the destinations with the biggest cultural offers of the continent, where history is shown in every corner and building and where the night leisure will be perfect for the alternative travelers.

5- Hard Days Night Hotel (Liverpool)
This beautiful nothern English city is where The Beatles where born. Here you will find the perfect hotel for music lovers and fans of the Four of Liverpool. In its rooms, dedicated to the group components, you will find the universe of the music band and also has a special offer called “All you need is love”, which includes the accomodation, breakfast and late check out for only 230€.
Liverpool is one of the most emblematic cities of England and rises its beauty in the shores of the Mersey, one of the most beautiful ports of the continent. It is near Manchester and offers a huge cultural offer in its streets.