5 places in Galicia to eat the best seafood

10 Oct 5 places in Galicia to eat the best seafood

TravelWe know that Galicia is the place to eat the best seafood. Even so, we can find 5 particular places with an attractive gastronomy for the traveler. Also, it is worth mentioning some of the especial dishes of the region, which for some includes the best food in all the peninsula and the Canary islands or Baleares.

It is difficult to make a list of the best seafood restaurant in Galicia, because the majority are exceptional. But even so, we chose 5, especially from the Atlantic coast, but we have to acknowledge that there is great food to the north, in Viveiro or Foz. The Atlantic coast however, have more tradition in seafood, proof of this is found in Costa da Morte or Rías Baixas.

5 places to eat great seafood

1. Camariñas: Camariñas is a small community in Costa da Morte. In fact, when we arrive at the hotelier core at the port and we find so many bars and restaurants we conclude it is not as small as it seems to be. You can enjoy delicious churrascos or recently caught crabs at Camariñas. The most famous seafood restaurant in the region is called O meu Lar, but we invite you to discover your own places. Is worth exploring what this place have to offer, thanks to the low prices and the exceptional quality here

2. Combarro: And what about Combarro? Combarro have peculiar streets and a beautiful estuary. It is one of the most famous towns of Rías Baixas. In Combarro the prices decrease greatly during winter, but is great to visit because the microclimate of the region doesn’t allow low temperatures.

3. Fisterra: Even when Fisterra is full of tourists and pilgrims during summer, during the fall until spring its prices are very affordable. A recommendation for Fisterra: try the fish, which is the best in the region. We suggest you try the fish in Fisterra and the rest of the seafood in other nearby regions as Corcubión or Camariñas. Even if you travel to the north of Costa da Morte in Camelle, you will be able to enjoy great seafood.

4. Corcubión: In Corcubion we can find barnacle as low as 15 euros for each half kilo, which is unthinkable in other parts of the peninsula. We won’t tell you where to go in Corcubión because it is better if you discover it by yourself.

5. O Grove: O Grove is a well-known tourist spot. O Grove is distinguished for its seafood, which can have a price of some thirty six to forty euros – half the Price in Santiago or Coruña. Without a doubt, O Grove is other interesting option for those interested.